Being of good cheer

September 10, 2008

Exciting things about today:

1) The lady I’m working for is English, and when she calls my name it sounds like “Alaner”.

2) Guys, it turns out that I have an 8th cousin once removed (all us Frinky types are descended from the SAME Darwinian success story) whose email address is ONE OFF from mine (I’m Elana, she’s Elena) and sometimes she gets work emails meant for me. Which I find both embarrassing (because she is a delightful young lady of 17 who should not be exposed to Hollywood wackiness) and sort of hilarious (because then people call me and say “Um, so it turned out that I had been sending things to… someone who isn’t you. I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT’S HAPPENING!!!!! ALL THIS TIME I THOUGHT YOUR NAME WAS ELENA!”)

3) It’s LARGE HADRON COLLIDER DAY and we’re all still alive.

4) Has the LHC destroyed the earth?

5) I get to see Naomi pretty soon. This is exciting because I really like her and also because she’s the person in the continental US most likely to get AND laugh at my jokes.



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