Backlot, land of men.

September 30, 2008

I just went to the backlot to look at furniture for my bosslady. I secretly love the backlot. It smells like sawdust, people are always playing lame (but LOUD) rock music, and it’s full of MANLY MEN in toolbelts standing around with their hands on their hips looking critically at things they’re BUILDING.

And they always say things like “You findin’ things all right, sweetheart?” and then you blush and mumble and feel like a dumbass.

I think that how girl assistants feel going from the offices to the backlot must be basically how Victorian ladies felt when going from the domestic sphere to… er, I’m not really sure. That metaphor evaporated BEFORE MY VERY EYES.

(But the backlot! It’s quite good.)


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