Kato Kaelin, Role Model

November 8, 2008

Last night after work I went to to the movies with my friend Matt. Because I am always a little bit too optimistic about how early I’ll get to leave work, the 8:20 showing was full and then when we were swapping our tickets for the 10:30 showing, they sold the last two out from under us. So we ended up in the 11:10 showing. Which, uh, left us several hours to kill.

Because we are CLASSY PEOPLE, we spent these hours at the bar of the Cheesecake Factory, drinking domestic beer from the bottle and eating appetizers and talking about how commitment-phobic we are about everything (“I can’t be in relationships that last for longer than eleven months!” “Yeah? Well, I have panic attacks when I buy new towels.”)

And then Matt thought he recognized a girl who walked past, so we kept looking at her, but her date kept looking at us in this really… odd way that wasn’t exactly “Hey, why are you staring at my girlfriend?” and kind of weirded us out. And then Matt said “…I think that’s Kato Kaelin.”

Just as I was realizing that, oh my God, it WAS Kato Kaelin, KATO KAELIN WINKED AT ME, and I realized that he had this entire time been thinking that we were looking at HIM, not his date. I felt very awkward about the whole thing.

Matt and I had originally planned on seeing JCVD, because Jean-Claude Van Damme is TOTALLY AWESOME, but we couldn’t find it anywhere in LA. So we went to see Role Models instead. It was GLORIOUS and I loved it. It deserves its R rating for language and… grossness, but is basically kind of sweet.

Role Models! I recommend it to anyone! (Unless you blanch at salty language or have a child in tow. It may feature kids, but is not even remotely appropriate viewing for them. Which of course made it extra amazing to see that several parents had brought their 8-10 year-old kids with them. To a showing of a hard-R comedy. At 11 PM.)


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