Divorce in the age of iTunes

December 1, 2008

This is just a small collection of things that made me laugh today. NO REAL CONTENT.

This is the best divorce problem ever:

How do I let my ex have her iTunes songs if they’re on my computer?

Two people, one iTunes account – now we’re divorcing!

We have already separated and divorce is imminent. The computer was mine before we got together, so it is with me. The iTunes account we used and all songs we downloaded are on my computer, but she wants her songs so she can put them on another computer. Help!

How do you handle that kind of thing in your pre-nup? “All the old-school soul is YOURS. The sub-collection of POSTAL SERVICE live bootlegs is mine. The mid-80s soundtracks are YOURS, except for American Ninja III: The Annihilation.”


Naomi sent me a link to this amazing video: BUMPIT (warning, hilarious hairstyles.)

Those ladies think they look stylish and like their hair has terrific volume, but they actually look like pointy-headed ALIENS.

I am completely fascinated.


This appears to be a real product: Battlestar Galactica Toaster. It burns images and phrases related to the series into your toast.

I did not realize that this was technology we had! Why are we wasting it on Cylon toast? Obviously what we need is VIRGIN MARY toast (for the devout) or TODAY IS A GOOD DAY TO DIE toast (for super-tough Delta operators) or NEW AGE PHRASES ENDORSED BY OPRAH toast (everyone needs this).


Okay, the above made me look up Delta tidbits, and in this article about Delta checking out Seattle’s security preparations in advance of the WTO riots, it is revealed that Delta dudes:

…took up residence in a Regrade motel and fanned out downtown dressed as demonstrators, some wearing their jungle greens.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen any people who are the type to get involved with anti-WTO riots, but man… I find it charmingly naive that these Delta fellows thought that they would be able to blend in. What with their giant tactical watches and their thousand-yard stares and their get-away-from-me-you-stinking-hippie body language AND THEIR JUNGLE GREENS. No one would notice! I’m sure anarchists were confiding in them left and right their plan to bring down The Man one Starbucks at a time.



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