The answer is always to involve the government

February 24, 2009

I just read something awesomely hilarious on a messageboard for screenwriters:

The big talent agencies violate the civil rights laws.

Some Dude is annoyed that the big agencies won’t read him without a referral, something he feels that he’d have IN THE BAG if he were related to Spielberg. So, obviously, there’s some hardcore discrimination – ILLEGAL DISCRIMINATION! – at work here. That’s the only thing keeping him from a blind deal and offices on the Sony lot:

I was looking around at the EEOC, the federal agency that enforces civil rights laws, and I found something interesting.

Any employer in ANY industry that hires more than 15 people is bound by the EEOC laws. And under said laws, a company cannot have a recruitment process that disproportionately excludes people on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability.

Unfortunately, the insane requirement that the big agencies have towards people getting industry referral totally disproprotionately blocks out people across all categories, and is illegal.

So along those lines, I filed a complaint, the EEOC took it, and is investigating a couple of the big three. If any of you have your own grievances, feel free to contact the EEOC and let’s push to reform the industry. These people are not goods, and they have to follow the law just like any other industry.

There are many pages of ensuing hilariousness, in case you’re bored.

Did you enjoy the Oscars? I was surprised by the greatness of Hugh Jackman’s opening number* but did not understand the creepy Oracle of Delphi situation where previous winners came out and slathered praise on the nominees. What was that. WHAT WAS THAT.

Sean Penn’s acceptance speech, with the “Shame on you, Yes On 8 voters! SHAME!” part made me think hilarious thoughts about how many thousands of Yes On 8 voters were, right now, sitting at home, and bursting into tears. Because Sean Penn – SEAN PENN, the world’s NICEST AND MOST DECENT MAN!!! – thought they were jerks. And their feelings were hurt. And yet, simultaneously, they couldn’t blame him, because they had realized the error of their ways. My God, what had they been thinking?!? HOW HAD THINGS GONE SO HORRIBLY WRONG?!?**

Man, Sean Penn is fantastic. I would like him to next turn his amazing powers of lecturing to The Plight Of Ladies In Afghanistan. He could shame a whole nation into letting women vote and work and seek health care in peace. After that maybe he can handle global warming, male circumcision, uncanceling Arrested Development, and unsafe products from China.


PS, my Young Man sent me this link, which is AS EXCITING to me as flowers might be to a normal girl: Can You Shoot Down a Helicopter With a Pistol?

*I hate musicals. The phrase “opening number” makes me FREAK OUT.
**I do not agree with those Mr. Penn felt compelled to lecture, mind you.


5 Responses to “The answer is always to involve the government”

  1. Chris Kittinger Says:

    Actually the question should be “Chris, can you shoot down a helicopter with a pistol AGAIN?”

  2. Chris Kittinger Says:

    On an unrelated note, I was going through my bookmarks at work and thought that having a bookmark called “Girl on Girl Action” might not look that good to the fine people in HR.

  3. anonymousassistant Says:

    “The insane requirement [that] people get industry referral totally disproprotionately blocks out people across all categories.”

    Um, if it blocks out people from “all categories,” how is it disproportionate?

  4. chaia Says:

    RE: Item #1, the obvious solution is to criminalize bad writing.

  5. Chris Kittinger Says:

    But that would paralyze the industry.

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