The internet: full of things you like!

August 11, 2010

Ahh – have you seen TubeDubber? It lets you combine audio from one Youtube clip with video from another. I am of course way too lazy to do that myself, but NOT too lazy to look at other peoples’ creations, such as:

Maru the box-loving cat plus M83 – epic! Touching! Sci-fi at its best! You will probably say “Oh my God, it’s full of stars!” at some point.

Boston Dynamic’s Big Dog robot plus Royskopp – freaky AND jolly!

(Sidebar: I love watching videos of Boston Dynamic’s robots. LOVE IT. In my next lifetime I would like to be some kind of DARPA developer.)

Finally, this one, where a Snuggie commercial is overlaid with the Trick Daddy song Take It To The House is STRANGELY COMPELLING. I DARE YOU TO WATCH IT.


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