September 13, 2010

Yesterday we were driving back from dinner at the Good Girl Dinette (which is a kind of hipster-Vietnamese fusion joint – the waiter this time had really ridiculous hair and pretty silly shorts, but the food is okay) when something TERRIBLE happened.

So. Driving home, I pull up to this intersection and stop, because I want to turn right. I have the green, if that makes sense: the crosswalk to my right, parallel to me, has the “walk” sign on.

There is an elderly lady and her elderly-lady shopping cart waiting at the crosswalk. Not crossing.

Because TEN CARS are turning left from the opposite direction, even though that lady has the right of way and is standing there. Being elderly!

So Husband Guy and I get totally outraged about this, and I HONK SELF-RIGHTEOUSLY AT THE CARS.


But the cars fail to notice my honking.

I’ll tell you who doesn’t fail to notice my honking, though: ELDERLY LADY.

She spins on her heel and fixes me with a vicious glare! HOW DARE I HONK AT HER.

“Oh! Oh! OH NO,” I say. I make awkward flapping gestures with my hands, trying to convey that – please! You have the right of way, ma’am! Please cross! I was just trying to stand up for your elderly-lady-crosswalk rights!

But she gave me a FUCK YOU stare and gestured angrily until I slunk around the corner.



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