Oh, hello!

I’m Elana. I’m originally from Portland, I grew up in Holland (yes, yes, drugs and hookers), and now I live in Los Angeles, where I write things, ogle other peoples’ dogs, think about tacos… etc.

This is my blog. It’s wall-to-wall nonsense. I called it “Girl on Girl Action” because it’s a phrase that really makes me laugh. I have since been kind of amazed to discover that many people google this phrase looking for pornography. Yes, I probably should have seen that coming. BUT I DIDN’T.

If you need to talk to me about how you saw this amazing dog with big feet recently (or about how you went to my same crazy hippie school, etc.), my email address is

That is all.

One Response to “Me.”

  1. Jill Says:

    Love the blog Elana! I’m a fellow writer & I just started a blog about my current writing project so I’ve been exploring the blogosphere a bit. Keep up the great blogging & I totally feel you about Fabulous in ’08!

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